The Rise of Fake Gurus: The Dark Truth Behind Making MILLIONS from Online Courses

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You’ve seen them everywhere.

On the 3rd of September 2015, Tai Lopez released his infamous ‘Here in My Garage’ Youtube Ad.

This single Ad created a wave of what some have described as fake gurus, selling you their courses and mastermind programs like no tomorrow with promises of ‘financial freedom’, ‘a laptop lifestyle’, and the possibility to ‘travel around the world’. Sounds great, right?

In this video I break down the business model of how to make millions from online courses using the methods that these fake gurus use, and expose the dark truth behind this rapidly growing industry.

Step 1 – Pick Your Niche

This is where you get to choose the topic of your choice. Preferably it’s a fad, and something that could be promoted under the categories of wealth, or health, or anything that allows you to target people’s dreams.

Here are some of the most common niches used by a few well-known gurus…

Kevin David – Amazon FBA, Dropshipping.
Dan Lok – Sales.
John Crestani – Affiliate Marketing.
Iman Gadzhi – Digital Marketing Agency (otherwise called an SMMA – a term popularised by Tai Lopez).
Sam Ovens – Consulting.
Samuel Leeds – Real Estate Investing.

Step 2 – Create Your Course

Preferably you have some experience in your niche. In most cases the ideal route is to pick a niche, start a business in your niche and get a little success, then create your own online course – because after all, that’s where the real money is made.

If you don’t have any expertise, you can always hire an outside expert to give you a helping hand.

You see, the course isn’t what matters the most here, what matters the most is your online marketing for the course.

Step 3 – Market Your Course

This is the most important part of this business model. Without marketing your online course properly, you won’t be able to make a lot of money from it.

Start by running some advertisements on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc, and begin by selling them a dream. Tell your audience that you were also broke and in debt, but after starting [insert niche here] you began making six figures, millions, travelling around the world, became financially free, have a laptop lifestyle, etc…

Tell them to join your free training – where your main goal isn’t to teach them anything, but to get them to ask more questions. Remind them of their dreams, remind them of your backstory, and finally go in for the hard sell where you create scarcity and a sense of urgency in order to get them to buy your ridiculously priced course RIGHT NOW.

Step 4 – Profit

With the right marketing, you should now be seeing some of that sweet, sweet profit fly in from your online courses.

But why stop there? The real way to make millions from online courses is to create an entire ladder of products. You want to upsell your ‘students’ as much as possible. Get your ‘students’ hooked on your products.

You never tell them the truth: the reason you’re so rich, is because of all the products you’ve sold them. NOT because of your dropshipping or Amazon FBA business.


I think online courses are brilliant. They helped me edit this video, learn about marketing, and personal finance. But none of these courses promised me ‘financial freedom’, or a ‘laptop lifestyle’, and certainly didn’t cost me thousands.

The moment you see these fake gurus pandering to your deepest desires, and really trying to sell you on an emotional level… just RUN. It’s almost never worth it.


Thankfully, there has been a rise in backlash against these so-called fake gurus. Thanks to channels like Coffeezilla (otherwise known as Coffee Break), Mike Winnet, and Spencer Cornelia to name a few.





Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
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