Legit Work From Home Jobs and Why Are They So Hard To Find?

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By Nick S Ritchie

You may be asking yourself, “But what do overheads have to do with a job or business being legitimate?” and I want to clear that up for you right now…

Home based business overheads can be one of the most challenging things for anyone who’s just starting out on their home business journey because if you can’t make enough money from your business before your overheads are due, then how you can expect to be profitable let alone stay afloat?

If you’re like most people, then the whole reason you want to start your own home based business is because you’re interested in making additional income, so that being said, it’s important to understand why some scams create overheads and what these mean for you and your quest to find the ideal home business.

Having overheads in a traditional business is just about inevitable. You have cost of your property rental, employee salaries to pay, power and phone bills, inventory and shipping, and all of this is even before you’ve started making a profit! No wonder 97% of people fail in their first two years at starting their own traditional business…

You can potentially avoid most of these overheads with a modern home based business but there are still the scams you need to look out for and one of them is where the opportunity you are looking at has a specific commission plan and part of that plan is for you to purchase a certain amount of product each month in order to stay commission eligible, and that’s even before you’ve started to make a profit! Imagine that; purchasing a bunch of product before you’ve even made any money? Seems crazy, right?

What does commission eligible mean? It simply means that if you fail to purchase the $400-$500 worth of product each month, the company will penalize you by wiping not just some, but all of your profits for that month. Imagine this; you put in work for an entire month on your business and you start making some progress, but you have some bills to pay and you can’t afford to spend $500 that month to buy the product and so the company tells you that you will not receive any commissions for that month because you failed to meet the minimum monthly purchase as part of your agreement. Wouldn’t that just frustrate the heck out of you and make you want to jump up and down screaming? All that work done for the month, is now down the drain simply because the company wanted you to buy their products so you could be a customer of the product.

The whole reason some scams are setup like this is because the company knows that it would be too difficult to find customers to want to use their product, so instead, they make their business owners who are operating in the business purchase the product and become the customers. This to me all seems pretty ridiculous.

The company will try to justify this by saying that every business has overheads but that’s a cop out because there are home based businesses like the one I operate that have zero business overheads and that means you can begin to profit from day one without having to worry about any up and coming bills.

So when searching for legit work from home jobs be sure to keep this in mind and if you have any other questions feel free to contact me, and I hope I’ve made your search for the ideal home based business a little less challenging.





Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
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