How To Become A Millionaire – The 3 Untold Secrets

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By Vern How Chan

“Who Wants To Know How To Become A Millionaire In A Year!”

These are the common statements you will find in most websites or perhaps headlines in some financial books or magazines. Most of the time they are merely eye catching titles made to draw your attention. This is due to the fact that we as humans crave increase and discovering how to become a millionaire is something exciting.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects in your adventure to discovering in detail how to become a millionaire in a year or less is this. There is too much information out there trying to feed you rudimentary steps on how to become a millionaire. I have found out that indeed there are 3 “Untold Secrets” that the average millionaire has:


Secret #1: The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

If you have been an avid reader on topics relating to how to become a millionaire and millionaire insider secrets probably you have come across Mr. Thomas J. Stanley. I particular like his books because he is a student of factual statistics.

The point is, you should read books authored by people who have made actual life accounts on how to become a millionaire or interviews made with actual millionaires. Then, try not to think too much about the millionaire lifestyle but about how they think. Get inside the millionaire mind.


Secret #2: Think Like A Millionaire, Act Like One

It is really easy to think like a millionaire before you read about how to become a millionaire. Yes, you may not have that much cash reserves in your bank account but the state of the millionaire beginnings is in your mind. Here are few exercises you can do:

A) Imagine that you are living the life of your dreams. That kind of car, house or material things you want? Then, write them down or cut up your local newspaper pieces to paste on your fridge door, etc.

B) Make the most time for your family. Ensure that whatever you do at work or in your business put your family in the top priority. Good emotional support begins from home and that is your foundation on how to become a millionaire in a short time.

C) Act like a millionaire. One day you walk into a store and see your favourite jacket. Don’t say “It is expensive”. Instead practice by saying “how can I earn some extra cash to afford it?”. This is the beginning of your creative thoughts on learning how to become a millionaire.


Secret #3: How To Become A Millionaire Fast

Apart from telling you what to do to be a millionaire, you must first understand the principal behind the millionaires that already exists today. They don’t sleep in a better bed or have a happier family than you.

While poverty isn’t good for the soul as well you should pay attention here. The world has an abundance of wealth to be made over the Internet. This can be achieved by generating lots of business by the minutes even while you sleep. Books written on how to become a millionaire usually will not tell you in detail but it’s true.

Actually, the authors who tell you how to become a millionaire will always say it is a state of mind. Your mission is to sift through the junk information and gather a journal of useful points to start your journey on how to become a millionaire.

On a personal note, I believe you have a great potential to become a millionaire. The only thing you need to do is take the secrets above that shows you the first step in how to become a millionaire and apply it. Develop a millionaire mind for your financial future.

Vern How has been earning online back in June 2006. He is a professional affiliate marketer who believes in giving back by helping others.





Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
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